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National Leadership Conference for First Generation Entrepreneursn

Date: 12-13 December, 2018
Venue: CII-SNCEL, Kolkata

About the Programme: With a mandate to facilitate leadership development to First Generation Entrepreneurs and Start-ups including new businesses within traditional family businesses, the CII-SNCEL, organized The “National Leadership Conference for First Generation Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneur to Enterprises: Strategies for Scaling up & Sustainable Growth for Young entrepreneurs from various industries seeking knowledge and information to drive their companies to the next level of success.

Who attended:

  • Businesses which have moved beyond seed-funding and are looking at further opportunities for capacity building and addressing issues relating to scaling up
  • SMEs which need access to facilitation services that can help scale-up and thrive in a competitive environment
  • Established companies started by first generation entrepreneurs
  • New business line / diversification of established family businesses led by new gen entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem including Funding Agencies, Mentors and Consultants etc.
Key Take-aways:
  • When is the venture ready for scale up? How early do you plan for the next scale up?
  • What are the critical elements of a robust scale up?
  • How does an entrepreneur devise, negotiate and execute successful scale-up strategies?
  • Refining business models while scaling up. What are the non-negotiables for an entrepreneur?
  • How does an entrepreneur access growth capital, human resources and business mentors?

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