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CII Leadership Dialogue Series on Global Slowdown and its impact on India’s Leadership Aspirations

Date: 22 January 2020: 5.00 p.m.

About the Programme: Achievements of the domestic economy needs to be combined into a coherent whole for global opportunities given the international trade wars and trade blocs threatening the Indian economy. This effort requires sustained investment drive, striking careful balance in agriculture and rural demand. However, the typical challenges underlying are disruption of business models and the income distribution in the society altering with more families coming out of the low- income category. Policy makers aim to increase the growth momentum. It has been observed that the digital revolution provides a unique environment for the young nation operated by courage, vision of home- grown entrepreneurship and a robust culture of innovation being fostered by our government. In this context, CII- Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership is organizing CII Leadership Dialogue Series on the topic “Global Slowdown and its impact on India’s Leadership Journey” at the Centre on 22.1.2020. It would explore how leadership plays a vital role in shaping the future bringing in initiatives and right skilling into sharp focus to create the developmental ecosystem, thereby providing inputs for creating an “India Right Leadership Framework.” The programme would bring together different policy makers, thought leaders, economists, leading representatives from business and intellectuals from civil society to exchange their views on the topic.

Who attended :

  • • Decision makers
  • • Representatives of the Government
  • • Members of the corporate
  • • Academicians
Key Take aways :
  • • Discussion on major leadership issues
  • • To be part of discussion with decision makers through a sustained engagement
  • • To be part of the discussion related to “India Right Leadership Framework”

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