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Date: September, 2019
Venue: CII-SNCEL, Kolkata

About the Programme: The programme has been specifically designed to aid managerial capability and foster workplace learning by leveraging a blended format of classroom training combined with online simulations, gamified learning, mobile learning, and web-based assessments during the entire course period. This “learn anytime-anywhere” course format encourages faster learning and better recall. Detailed pre and post-assessment reports will be provided to participants to measure knowledge enhancement and retention across modules.

Integrated Platform, Simulations, Mobile Learning, and Assessments are a few of the programme's unique differentiators. Combined with cloud-based and classroom training, it provides a gamified AktivLearn platform that automates and streamlines the entire participant's journey.

The entire programme is split into four modules, namely:

Module 1 - Influencing and Collaboration

Module 2 - People Acumen, Managing Performance and Coaching

Module 3 - Managerial Communication and Contextual Leadership

Module 4 - Building Trust and Relationships.

Who attended :

  • First Time Managers, leading a team or a project
Key Take aways :
  • Equip FTMs to manage team and keep employees engaged, inspired and motivated.
  • Prepare FTMs to handle the day to day situations they face related to peers, clients, team members and supervisors.
  • Bring a mind-set change in associates to deal with complex gamut of managerial responsibilities in their role as people manager.

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