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Date: 18, September, 2018
Venue: CII-SNCEL, Kolkata

About the Programme: The Centre launched the Certified Leadership Development Programme for “First Time Managers” on 18 September 2018. This programme, slated to continue till 31st January 2019, envisages to equip First Time Managers (FTMs) with the knowledge and skills required to manage teams, keep employees motivated and engaged without losing sight of delivering organizational goals. Furthermore, it intends to enlighten FTMs on the various nuances of situations they encounter with peers, clients, team members, and supervisors on a day-to-day basis.

The programme has been specifically designed to aid managerial capability and foster workplace learning by leveraging a blended format of classroom training combined with online simulations, gamified learning, mobile learning, and web-based assessments during the entire course period. This “learn anytime-anywhere” course format encourages faster learning and better recall. Detailed pre and post-assessment reports will be provided to participants to measure knowledge enhancement and retention across modules.

Who attended:

  • First Time managers across all sectors of business
Key Take-aways:
  • The entire programme is split into four modules, namely:

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